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PedFast Technologies™ (formerly Man's Best Friend Software) is proud to be the #1 supplier of pedigree software to the breeders and owners of dogs, cats and horses.  Our software includes pedigrees for the web, customized pedigree layouts, and design software for those pedigree layouts.  We have held the #1 sales and installed base ranking since 1997, and have been in business since 1991.  We support our pedigree software and record keeping programs with a real live support staff, on a toll free line.  Nobody else comes close to our support or our programming excellence.  With over 63,500 customers, PedFast Technologies™ is ready to deliver the pedigree software you need, right now.  We have instant electronic delivery of all of our products.  Click here to try one now for free and see how our excellent software will meet all of your needs.

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Sharing pedigree data accurately, printing outstanding pedigrees, easy use, the best technical support anywhere.  All of these things are the hallmarks of our products.

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PedFast Technologies prides itself on unsurpassed excellence in its products, and the support we offer. Unlike our competitiors, we offer professional support, including toll-free support for our United States customers. All this with the finest, American Made, American Supported products. Since 1991, we have produced the unbeaten standard of excellence in animal-related software. Let our decades of experience give you the time to concentrate on your animals, not your animal software.

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Sharing pedigree data accurately, printing outstanding pedigrees, easy use, the best technical support anywhere.  All of these things are the hallmarks of our products.

PedFast Technologies.  Others talk about ease of use and quality.  We have delivered them both.

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Live Phone Answering for Customer Service and Sales.

PedFast Technologies™ has improved its customer service.  Our Sales and Customer Service line is now available from 7:00AM-7:00PM US Central Time, Monday through Friday.  Simply call our phone numbers 800-746-9364 or +1-815-806-2130 and press 1.

What our Customer service reps can do:

  • We can take your orders and answer general product questions.
  • Assist you with Customer service issues.
  • Open a service ticket is you need escalated help.
What our Customer service reps cannot do:
  • Answer Technical questions
  • Route you to a live technician - all tech support requests must be opened by ticket.  You can do that at or by email to 
  • Cancel a .NET subscription.  You must send email to to do so.

PedFast Technologies works hard to give you the best service.
More Program Updates

Version 11.3.8351.1672, Dated January 16, 2016.

PedFast Technologies™ announces major releases of the following programs:

  • iPed ™ 5G 2015 (Final 6c)
  • The Breeder’s Standard ® 2012, Pre-Release 9.99Yf
  • The Cattery’s Standard ™ 2013, Pre-Release 2.99Yf
  • Equestrian’s Standard™ 2016, Pre-Release 1.99Yf

This minor release adds onto recent significant changes to these programs. 

  • Fixed a database engine issue with the Search options on the Work-with windows
  • Auto-Activate now works properly with expired programs.

Here’s a list of the recent significant changes (effective November 22, 2015):

MyActivate ™ - With our new self-activating program, no more hand-entering codes!*

Finally – we’ve done it! You can click one button and your program goes to our servers and retrieves your activation codes for your program and any Pedigree Power Packs (Version 2)** that you have purchased. And then, it enters the codes for you! No more frustrating times trying to enter the correct activation codes.

AutoUpdate™ III – Automatic program updates!*

Our programs have been made smarter – They now update themselves! Your program will check in with PedFast Technologies’ servers and see if there is a newer update to download and install. The program uses your MyPedFast™ login to get the information it needs to check out your program version and let you know when new ones arrive.

New Version of our Database Engine

We have implemented a newer, faster version of our underlying database engine. The programs will also intelligently upgrade your existing TBS 2012 / TCS 2013/ iPed 5G database files to the newer engine – automatically.

Pedigree Power Pack™ Version 2 Support

These new versions have embedded support for the new Version 2 Pedigree Power Packs™. Also, now you also get a free trial of the Version 2 Power Packs for 14 days after you install.†

Faster and more compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Now with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, you no longer need to activate the .NET 3.5 feature for our programs. We now use the faster and better .NET 4.0 framework. Installing the programs will be far more smooth.

These updates are

This is a mandatory release, all product support for earlier editions of these programs is withdrawn effective immediately. You must download and install these updates.

* This feature requires an active Internet connection and a valid MyPedFast™ account that is linked to your purchase history.

† Once you purchase, the sale is final; the 14-day activation window for the power packs does not convert any previous sale into a trial.

** Pedigree Power Packs Version 2 are sold separately.

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Why Choose PedFast Technologies™?
PedFast Technologies™makes the most popular software for a reason:  We have the best software and the best support!  Unlike our "competition," which is either on a different continent up to ten time zones away or whose "mom and pop" developers have a day job and can only answer email questions at night, we are professionals and have support available by professional ticketing system and internet during our business hours!
Unlike some of our "competition," we don't charge $30 Shipping for a CD.  We don't try to "force" you to take electronic delivery.  We give you the choice!  We don't charge up to $499 for software, either!  We offer more power and the best technical support for less than 20% of the price.
PedFast Technologies™ can afford to do this because we sell thousands of units per year.  In Dogs, for instance, we have the #1, #2 and #4 products in installed base and yearly sales.
Compare for yourself.  Our prices are the lowest, our products are the best and our product support runs circles around the others.  There is only one place that provides the best products and support:  PedFast Technologies™!
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