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PedFast Technologies™ (formerly Man's Best Friend Software) is proud to be the #1 supplier of pedigree software to the breeders and owners of dogs, cats and horses.  Our software includes pedigrees for the web, customized pedigree layouts, and design software for those pedigree layouts.  We have held the #1 sales and installed base ranking since 1997, and have been in business since 1991.  We support our pedigree software and record keeping programs with a real live support staff, on a toll free line.  Nobody else comes close to our support or our programming excellence.  With over 58,000 customers, PedFast Technologies™ is ready to deliver the pedigree software you need, right now.  We have instant electronic delivery of all of our products.  Click here to try one now for free and see how our excellent software will meet all of your needs.

Announcing iPed™ 5G 2015 for Windows

Announcing iPed™ 5G 2015 for Windows

Great Pedigrees at a Great Price!

Today, PedFast Technologies proudly announces the immediate availability of iPed™ 5G 2015 for Windows.

You want to use your computer to make pedigrees, but do not need the powerful features of a full-blown Kennel, Cattery or Stable management program. You also do not want the price tag of these powerful programs. You are looking for excellent pedigrees, pure and simple. PedFast Technologies has heard you and answered your needs. iPed™ 5G 2015 prints beautiful pedigrees. It offers several useful features not found in other pedigree programs. Most importantly, iPed™ 5G 2015 offers you a great price: only $55.99 plus S&H! We are proud of our latest low-cost achievement. 

iPed™ 5G 2015 is an all new program, featuring numerous massive improvements over its predecessors.  These improvements include:

  • An all-new user interface, which is optimized for Windows 8, 8.1 and other modern computing environments, including touch-friendly controls.
  • Our new single-file, easy-to-back up database format, .PTPED. Instead of complex backup and restore operations, you can simply store the .PTPED database file in your documents folder, and make backups with any stick drive, DVD, or even better with Carbonite® secure cloud-based backup.
  • Wright's Inbreeding Coefficient to ten generations, including a display containing ancestor contribution for every connection between Sire and Dam found in the pedigree.
  • All New Complete Program Help (the iPed™ 5G 2015 user manual is available by PDF and soon in print as well).
  • Font sizing that works in most windows to make touch easier, and also to help those with vision issues.  

iPed™ 5G 2015 is compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 and is available immediately.

For more details about iPed™ 5G 2015, please feel free to visit our iPed page at

Click Here to order iPed™ 5G 2015 today.  

iPed™ 5G 2015 is priced at $55.99 for new customers.  Upgrade from other PedFast Technologies products for $29.99.  S&H for backup CD is extra cost.

PedFast Technologies™:  Delivering today what others haven't even thought of yet.

TBS 2012 Pre-Release #9.99.9 Now Available for Download
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The Breeder's Standard® 2012
Pre-Release 9.99.9B
(released April 5, 2014)
Programming Version 11.1.5704.9999

Download it Now.

PedFast Technologies proudly announces the availability of The Breeder's Standard® 2012.  Combining the latest in software technology with the ease-of-use that has been the hallmark of our programs for the last twenty years, PedFast Technologies now sets the bar higher and produces the best software yet again.

What's new in Pre-Release #9.99   :

  • Interactive DOG FACTS pane pops up as you select each dog in Work with Dogs.  shows Titled name, Sire, Dam, First Generation descendant count, and wanrs you if the name has duplicates or sound-like duplicates.  And, it also shows the dog's picture! 
  • Database creation will populate the Breed and or Title lists upon request with the most popular breeds and or titles..
  • Massive additions to help 
  • Duplicate finder now 100 times faster!
  • Exceptions have been corrected.
  • Release 9.99.1 released October 31, 2013 is a minor bug fix patch. 

The next release will be the critical Pre-Release #10, with the completed Competition module, and the ability to convert data from previous versions from 2001 to 2009.  At that point the program will be functionally complete, with only housekeeping, reports, and minor patches.

Pre-Release #12 is expected to be Release Candidate Number One, where we will be looking for glitches to fix before declaring final release!  We are in the home stretch.  TBS 2009 had over 180,000 lines of code; we have increased the functionality of the program and modernized it inside and outside.  We are extrelely proud of this program, which is y far the best animal-related software yet produced.

Pre-release #9.99.1 is now available to the public for download.  You may download the software right now at for immediate installation.  There are two editions available for download right now:

  • Windows 32-bit, for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 32-bit editions; and
  • Windows 64-bit, for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 64-bit editions.
  • COMING SOON: The Breeder's Standard 2012 Pre-Release #10
  • More Releases, including Native Macintosh!

This software is incomplete and in pre-release form.  Features are being added daily.  We have a plan for twelve pre-releases and then a Release Candidate.  Every weekend, we'll be releasing the next pre-release.  Somewhere around Pre-Release 10, the program will automatically check for the next release on the Internet when you log in, and bring you up to the latest edition without uninstalling and reinstalling the present version.

For now, to use the pre-release, install it, create a new database (our new database format is a single file), and import a BXF file from your present software.  We are tracking any reported defects using the "Report a Support Issue to Us" form at and will respond to these reports as quickly as possible.

If you have an older pre-release (prior to Pre-Release #4) installed already, you need to uninstall that pre-release and recreate your database before installing the latest Pre-Release.  However, you do not need to recreate your database if it was created with TBS 2010 Pre-Release #4 or later.

Pre-release 11 should see the Apple Mac OSX install for TBS 2012 come out (we are waiting for a modification to WINE to support our graphics).  We will open this test edition to all Mac users when it is released.

As the weeks go on, and we bolt in the remaining parts of TBS 2012, we believe that you'll be impressed with this latest creation.

If you purchased TBS 2009 on or after October 1, 2009, you should have already received your TBS 2010 Activation Codes from us.  These activation codes will work with TBS 2012.  If you do not have the codes, please contact our technical support department by using the "Report a Support Issue to Us" form at for fastest service.


Q: What about Equestrian's Standard?
A: A new edition of this program will be out after TBS 2012 goes to release candidate.

Q: What's happening with CompuPed?
A: CompuPed 5G will be compatible with the TBS/TCS 2012 data format and will be available several months after TBS 2012 releases.

Q: Will iPed be able to import data from TBS 2012?
A: iPed 4G and older will be able to use BXF imports.  iPed 5G, due out soon, will directly open the same database files that TBS 2012 does.

Q: What if I want to suggest a feature for TBS 2012?
A: Please open a support ticket at  We're eager to please.  Time is running out for new feature requests.

Q: I want this on CD. Can I get it on CD prior to the final release?
A: TBS 2012 is available by download only prior to the final release.  If you pre-ordered TBS 2010 with a CD or you preorder TBS 2012 now with a CD, we'll ship the CD when the program is done.

Thanks for your support!

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